Gemma lives and works in the city of York, in the UK. She has exhibited at various venues around the UK and has had her work published in two of the AOI Images annual's and in Martin Dawber's Big Book of Contemporary Illustration. She also produced a commission for the Sunday Times magazine to Illustrate Ben Okri's short story "Mysteries"

''I have always had an interest in painting and have been heavily influenced by American Realism from painters such as Edward Hopper to Richard Estes. I was drawn to their subject matter of American landscapes and their realistic attention to detail. My own work reflects this and I explore similar interests in my own country, which lead me to exploring street views and urban scenes. My inspiration is not always based on this alone. I also get incredibly inspired by the coast and enjoy creating works based on our beaches and coastline. Although I enjoy detail, realism and an analytical approch to my work, I also want to obtain a painterly quality to create an atmosphere and presence in the paintings. ''